Tooth Extractions in San Antonio, TX

We provide affordable & comfortable tooth extractions

At some time in your life, you have most likely had that awful feeling: toothache! At first, you barely notice it. Then you try to ignore it. As time goes on, it gets worse and worse, and eventually, you have to resign yourself to the fact that you need to visit the dentist.

The sooner, the better

The fact is, the sooner you see a dentist when you have a toothache, the better it is for you. Sometimes you may just have an infection that can be easily treated by a simple course of antibiotics, but in some cases, you are going to need to have the tooth removed completely.

Relief in no time

Luckily, we are the local experts at tooth extractions here at Rapanotti Dental. Once we have identified the source of your problem, we can have you fixed up and on your way in no time at all, and all your discomfort will be gone. You will be doubly relieved that you visited us for your extraction treatment since we provide our first-rate services at prices you can afford.

If you are seeking wisdom teeth removal or sedation dentistry, we would be happy to refer you to professionals we have had the pleasure of working with previously. We do not offer these services at this time.

Call us now

With Rapanotti Dental, there really is no need for you to wait before you make your appointment. Just give us a call and we can give you the relief that you need. If necessary, our understanding staff can discuss the various financing options with you and set up a suitable payment plan on the spot. Don't wait – call the San Antonio, TX dental office of Rapanotti Dental now!

Fees and prices may vary.