Tooth Extractions in San Antonio, TX

At Rapanotti Dental, our general dentistry services are second to none. We are known in the San Antonio, TX area for offering the best dentistry at the most competitive prices. Good dental health is very important to your well being. Problems associated with periodontal disease can become very serious if not identified and treated promptly. The more serious a problem is, the more costly and painful it will become to treat in the end.

Early intervention

Any kind of problem with the gums and soft tissue in the mouth can lead to infections and the loss of teeth over time. Quite apart from being unsightly, these problems can also spread infections to the rest of the body. Not many people are aware that improvements in dental hygiene and care are one of the major factors in increased life expectancy over the last couple hundred years.

Our affordable dentists can recognize the signs of problems in the early stages and provide simple, effective procedures to solve the problem and maintain your dental and general health.

Get a winning smile

We provide a full range of cosmetic dental procedures to give you a winning smile. Your self confidence will get a real boost if you have your teeth straightened, whitened or replaced. Tooth extractions and replacement technology is so good these days that nobody will know that you have had work done. Even better, you will still be able to eat all your favorite foods! Call and make an appointment today to learn more.

Ask about our partial dentures or full dentures, and check out our payment options. Having a great smile has never been so easy!

Fees and prices may vary.

From dental crowns to full or partial dentures, we can do it all.