Partial Dentures for San Antonio, TX

A removable partial denture or bridge is made by creating a gum-colored plastic base, which can be connected to a metal framework that holds the denture in place, and attaching replacement teeth to it.

Advantages for the patient

Just like complete dentures, partial dentures can offer several advantages to the patient. They can improve chewing so that food is more enjoyable and easier to digest. Partials can also help with the pronunciation of words to restore the speech of patients who may struggle with some sounds due to missing teeth, particularly in the front of the mouth. This, together with the aesthetic effects of a full set of teeth, can lead to vast improvements in the self esteem of the patient and positively affect their social interactions.

On-site service

Here at the dental office of Rapanotti Dental, our expert denturists can produce partial dentures for our patients right here in our lab. Our on-site service means that we can offer dentures to patients at highly affordable rates so that a patient’s quality of life is not compromised by prohibitive costs. We aim to provide high quality dental work to all who need it. Same day service is available.

In-house financing

If you are in the San Antonio, TX area and need to have partial dentures made and fitted, call us for an appointment today. Our in-house financing plans mean that there is no barrier to you getting the treatment you need. Call us today for more information.

Fees and prices may vary.

With our affordable dentures and partials, you'll be smiling in no time!