We’re not just experts at denture fitting. We also provide a thorough follow-up service over the years to make sure that the fit and comfort of your dentures remain the best they can be.

Continued comfort

Since the bones and interior of the mouth are living tissues, they will continue to grow gradually over the years. This means that a denture that fits perfectly when first produced may not after a period of time had elapsed. Our dentists can reshape and adjust your dentures so that they continue to fit comfortably inside your mouth as time goes by. This process is very important, since it saves you the cost of having to create a new set of dentures every few years.

High quality services

Denture relining is just one of the many competitively priced dental services we offer to all our patients in the San Antonio, TX region. Our highly qualified dentists are absolutely committed to providing you with the best possible dental treatment at a price you can afford. Our belief is that there should be no impediment to anyone who needs dental treatment. Our in-house lab can produce complete or partial dentures for patients, and our dentists can make sure that you get the full benefit from them for many years to come. Same day service is available.

Contact us if you need dentures made or if your current dentures have become uncomfortable over time. Just call Rapanotti Dental today to make an appointment and let us take care of all your dental needs.

Fees and prices may vary.